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Teapot earrings are a reflection of the tradition of washing down the heat with hot tea ☕☕☕

Ancient Turkmen couple found and reassembled in Istanbul ♥️♥️ (in stock)

And, in general, teapots, as a purely material and even household thing, are a very unusual motif for decorations, so much so that I did not immediately consider them

But imagine for Turkmen 100 years ago (now it is especially easy?) the air temperature exceeds 40 degrees Celsius in the summer.

in the shade
and sometimes even higher

the lingering dry heat without rain and coolness lasts until mid-autumn

and what really saves is hot tea, the hotter it is, the better

cold water with ice (drank in a gulp) instantly leaves the body with sweat, and thirst returns with redoubled force

hot tea is drunk not quickly, but as it cools, in small sips, taking your time, permeating dehydrated cells and it becomes easier

Well, how did you want a hot cup of tea? 😉

all public and certainly any life revolved around tea, the opportunity to quietly and leisurely drink a few drinks in the deep shade of a tree in the bazaar or in a teahouse.

and here, it seems to me, if we go into symbolism, the teapot is the material (and involuntary) witness of everything significant that happened and was decided while people around sat and drank the heat with hot tea.

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