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The hand, or rather the palm, holding something (a very interesting symbol), here in this pair, although it is decorated with a cactus, and it seems to be about Mexico, but first

Or, let's say more cautiously, she used to be seen in Italian Renaissance jewelry. The Florentines loved her very much

There is an interpretation of this symbol in the description of one of Michelangelo's works, a part of the painting of the Sistine Chapel, where the hand of man reaches out to God, and the hand of God to man

and, at the same time, the god stretched out his hand, straightened his fingers and with great force pulled it towards the person, while the person's arm was relaxed, slightly bent at the elbow and the fingers should be straightened, and you would grab the god's hand
only a moment, only an effort
but no...

what did the master want to put in? maybe everything is in our hands
maybe something else

but, the symbol is very ancient, interesting, multi-level)))

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